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James Stewart, Exhibition Chairman 





  • Publicity and Communications –Darla Bostick

  • Treasurer - Hugh Heaton

  • Prospectus Editor – Darla Bostick

  • Reception Food and Table decoration – to be announced

  • Acceptance/verification of accepted Entries for hanging –  James Stewart

  • Website Editor, Website entry/payment systems – Darla Bostick

  • Verification of Eligibility of Entries and Payments - James Stewart, Paula Johnson and Hugh Heaton

  • Catalogue Editor – Skeeter Murley

  • Award Certificates & Signature Awards                  – Debbie Downing

  • FWCAC will hang the exhibit

  • Elected Officials of SWA have final say on any and all eligibility decisions.









SWA Membership Exhibition 


November 6-28,2015

Deadline October 10, 2015

To Enter or read entry info (prospectus) for this Exhibition Click HERE  -


Propsectus will be posted this summer 2016


To enter click on button below

To see the 2014 catalog, click HERE:






in cash and/or merchandise will be awarded at the Juror’s discretion. (One award is allowed per artist.)

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