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Below are links to other watercolor exhibitions around the country.

Click on any of these to see if you might be interested in entering these shows.

SWA 2023

International Juried Exhibition

Deadline 3/15/23

Juror:  Z.L. Feng

Prospectus:  Click Here

If your organization has an upcoming watercolor exhibition, and would like it added to this calendar, please send an e-mail to:

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 2023 Members Show

Deadline 2/13/23

Prospectus:  Click Here

Spokane Watercolor Society 2023

Deadline 2/13/23

Prospectus:  Click Here

National Watercolor Society 2023 Member Exhibition: $10,000 in CASH

Deadline 2/17/23

Juror:  Dan Marshall

Prospectus:  Click Here

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