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Question:  Do I have to be an expert watercolor painter to join?


Answer:  Absolutely not.  We have members of all levels of experience within our group.  We strongly encourage you to attend a meeting to find out about upcoming demos and workshops.  There's no better way to learn than to see how others work and grow from a shared experience.  

Question:  Is anyone invited to the meetings, or do I have to be invited before attending?


Answer:  Anyone that is interested in painting in water media is welcome.  We normally meet on the third Monday of each month.  (We take a break during the summer months of June, July & August)

Question:  Do I have to be a member of SWA to enter a painting in a show?


Answer:  Our International Juried Exhibition, held in the Spring of each year open to anyone.  SWA Members do receive a discounted entry fee.  But the SWA Member show held in the Fall is only open to those with a current SWA Membership.

Question:  How do I sign up?


Answer:  You can sign up at any of our regular meetings or you can sign up online.

SWA Members receive monthly newsletters, and e-mail announcements on upcoming events.





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