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Workshop Information

Stephen Zhang

- summer workshop -

 "Watercolor Portraits that Capture"

3-Day Workshop

July 18, 19 & 20, 2022

9am to 4pm

St. John's Episcopal Church

2401 College Ave.

Fort Worth, Texas  76110



I choose the specific subject to paint, not only based on its appearance, but also its inner spirit and the story. The process of my figurative painting is a process of character study and emotional development. Each time I apply a stroke to the painting, I add another angle to the story, or another layer of emotion. My goal is that when a painting is finished, it not only pleases the eyes, but it also stimulates the mind and awakens the empathy. Regarding the medium, I have a special connection with watercolor, since it bridges Eastern and Western artistic traditions. When I paint, I take advantage of contradictions inherent in the medium—between complexity and simplicity, controlling and letting-go, external and internal, permanent and temporary. My painting always starts with something that moves me, and then it begins to find its own paths. Therefore, each of my work is a result of unique discovery, non-linear evolution, and spontaneous happenings.

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Shirley Nichols.

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