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Mollie Jones Workshop

Fort Worth, Texas

October 19 - 21, 2021

9am to 4pm

Watercolor is my medium of choice . . . painting light and reflection and anything red has obviously become my passion in my work. It seems that the more complicated and involved my compositions have become, the more I love to paint. There is a thought that keeps repeating itself in my head and it's very worth repeating, "paint what you love, and you'll always love to paint". I really think it is that I'm proving to myself that I can "still do it". But let me share the beginning and progression as with so many artists of my generation, life got in the way of my art world at an early age.


When I was four or five, I saw Santa put an easel under the Christmas tree at my grandmother’s house so I've always known I was an artist. Santa must have known too. During school days (back in the dark ages), I was the girl who drew the scenes on the blackboard with colored chalk for all the holidays, as was the custom of our time. My loving dad thought artists were somewhat "kooky" so I was not able to have any formal art education during my school years, but I was forever drawing, painting, or doodling with anything that would mark a paper. During my college years I met and married my husband and immediately life started getting in the way of any art aspirations I may have entertained and this continued for the first 15 years of our marriage. We started several companies, one being a pet food company where we shipped product all over the US. But, in the 80's the recession destroyed many small business, and ours was one.


Somewhat out of desperation, I decided that I could draw (I am a good "drawer") and produce enough work to attend some street fairs that were common in Texas and sell my work . . . and it worked!! I specialized in pen and ink wildlife of ducks, birds, dogs, cats, deer, anything that caught my fancy and to my delight, my work was very successful. I raised children during the day and drew (with The Eagles, ha ha), at night. I had black and white prints made, hand-colored each print in the limited edition, matted and framed each, and basically hit the road showing in large festivals all over the US.




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Mollie Jones

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