Bill Dale

Andy Evansen

My workshop will focus on using value studies from the outset to identify the large shapes in a scene. These large shapes provide the artist with opportunities for lost edges when painting in watercolor, which is essential if we are to take full advantage of the medium.

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Andy Evansen Online Workshop

Bold & Colorful!

April 20 - 22, 2021


Only 3

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Andy Evansen will instruct you in how to create those BOLD and Colorful watercolor paintings that make a statement.
He teaches you how to capture the landscape with economy of brushstroke, taking advantage of the luminosity of watercolors done in just a few washes. In addition, he will show you how to capture everyday scenes in such a way that revealed a hidden beauty, subjects that many would simply pass by.

His work gained recognition after winning an international watercolor competition through American Artist magazine, appearing on their cover in 2005. He’s been featured in numerous other publications since, and has become a sought-after workshop instructor who paints and teaches internationally. He became a signature member of the prestigious Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA) in 2012 and served as their President from 2015-2017.  His paintings have won numerous awards, including the Bronze and High Winds Medals from the American Watercolor Society, and he was their demonstration artist for the 2018 Exhibition.  His love of painting on location also led to him being a featured presenter at the 2014 and 2016 Plein Air Conventions and inclusion in the 2017 Qingdao International Masters Watercolor Plein Air Event.

    Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA), Signature Member April 2018
   Salmagundi Club, Artist Member 2017
   Red River Watercolor Society (RRWS), Signature Member 2016
   Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS), Signature Member October 2015
   American Watercolor Society (AWS), Signature Member April 2015
   Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA), Signature Member 2012

    California Art Club, Artist Member




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