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2023 Painting of the Month Winners 
Each month artists may bring their framed paintings for Painting of the Month contest. 
During refreshments, the members present vote on the winner.
Prizes are awarded to 1st and 2nd place winners.  Bring your painting and join in the fun competition! 


1st Place


Suzy Ware

Morning New

1st - Suzy Ware.jpg
2nd - Trish Poupard.jpg

2nd Place


Trish Poupard

Million Watt Smile


1st Place


Iok-Hou Pang

Blue Jay

1st - Iok-Hou Pang.jpg

2nd Place


Lori Williamson

Morning Hibiscus

2nd - Lori Williamson.jpg


1st Place


Skeeter Murley

The Lady & Sons,

Savannah, Georgia

Skeeter Murley _The Lady and Sons_.jpeg
Veronica Ritchey _Watching Over Me_.jpeg

2nd Place


Veronica Ritchey

Watching Over Me


1st Place


Linda Hidalgo

Bright Idea

Linda Hildago -_Bright Idea_.jpeg

2nd Place


Trish Poupard


Trish Poupard-_Augergine_.jpeg


Marilyn Ivy-Henshaw Barden Mill,North Umberland.jpeg

1st Place

Marilyn Ivy

Henshaw-Barden Mill, North Umberland

2nd Place


Darla Bostick

Candy Tuft Blooms, Ghost Ranch

Darla Bostick-Candy Tuft Blooms.jpeg


1st Place

Heidi Russell

Fort Worth


Trish Poupard.jpg

2nd Place


Trish Poupard

After the Run


1st Place

2nd Place


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