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2024 SWA International Juried Exhibition

2024 SWA International Juried Exhibition

Shipping Instructions & Payment Information

SHIPPED works should arrive between April 5th and April 12th.

Ship via UPS, FedEx or DHL (DO NOT ship using the US Postal Service)

Ship Accepted Work To:


   ATTN: SWA Show

   4455 Camp Bowie Blvd., Suite 114

   Fort Worth, Texas 76107


   BOX & SHIP Phone Number: (817) 377-8754

Click Button 
to make payment

If you have any issues with this working for you,

try to log into your PayPal account first, and then come back and click on the button above.

All shipped artwork is charged a $10 handling fee.  (Reduced from $35 last year)  This is a separate fee from the costs involved in the actual shipping of artwork to and from the venue.   Pay via PayPal link above, or include $10 check with your painting.)

(This fee covers the cost of a professional service unpacking your painting, delivering to the gallery, storing your box and then picking up your painting and repacking at the conclusion of the exhibition.)


Artists are responsible for all shipping costs both ways. Artists may check with local shippers for fees before entering the show as this may influence the price of art work. No wood crates or Styrofoam peanuts. We recommend reusable cartons (preferably Airfloat Systems or similar).


The address of Box & Ship must be written on the carton itself as well as the label (in case the label comes off in transit).

Inside the shipped box include:

  • Artwork ready to hang

  • Entry Form attached to back of painting.  (Entry Form sent in separate e-mail)

  • Return Shipping Label

  • $10 fee for handling.  Pay via PayPal or send a check with painting.  Make checks out to SWA.


Artists shipping work must provide a pre-paid return shipping label. Unsold work will not be returned without a prepaid

return shipping label provided. No CODs or Call Tags. All shipments must be accompanied by either:

1)      A completely pre-filled (preferably internet generated) return shipping label.

2)      Credit card and contact information so that “Box and Ship” can contact artists to arrange shipping for them.

Please send any questions to Exhibition Chair at

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