Society of Watercolor Artists

2017 Juried Membership Exhibition Awards

Best of Show

Mary Ann White



1st Place

Muriel Mimura

Severo - San Miguel 2

2nd Place

Michael Holter

Chuckwagon Bob

3rd Place

Colleen Dillon


Juror's Award

Colleen Erickson

Mako Island Boats

Honorable Mention

Robert W. Cook

Port A Docks

Honorable Mention

Darla Bostick

Night Blooms of Nairobi

SWA Non-Signature Members Awards

Best of Show

Mary Ann White


2nd Place

r. mike nichols

Family Foto 3

3rd Place

Lawrence Raffanti

Keri & Allie Kayaking in Mykonos

Juror's Award

Bill Dale

Some Attitude

Honorable Mention

Lynn Morgan

Backstreet Alicante Spain

Honorable Mention

Court Bailey

Mr. Newberry

Juror: Sarah Graham-Harman

Court Bailey, Exhibition Chairman

List of Accepted Artists

Arnette, Dianne

Bailey, Court

Bannell, Pat

Barefield, Rhonda

Bell, Mary

Benjamin, Denis

Bostick, Darla

Brady, Peggy

Brown, Karen

Cunningham, Ed

Dale, Bill

Dale, Krystyna

Dillon, Colleen

Downes, Georgia

Driggers, Brenda

Erickson, Coleen

Ford, Debbie

Hass, Gemma

Heaton, Hugh

Hidalgo, Linda

Holter, Michael

Jary, Elaine

Kerbs, Dawn

Lively, Norma

Maas, Nancy

McNeill, Suzanne

Mimura, Muriel

Morgan, Lynn

Murley, Skeeter

Nichols, Mike

Nieman, Charles

Nishikawa, Kenji

Pal, Suzy

Patton, Ann

Raffanti, Lawrence

Ritchey, Veronica

Robert W. Cook

Sears, Eloise

Selman, Barry

Southern, Janet

Terry, Celene

White, Mary Ann

Williams, Jo

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